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Тест на тему Согласование времен. тест 1

Вопрос № 1 из 9
Christine asked if I ... her letter.
will post
am posting
had posted
was posting

Вопрос № 2 из 9
She asked me when I ... to work.
had to go
will go
have gone
will have to go

Вопрос № 3 из 9
She said it was a stupid idea and it ...
doesn't work
will have work
wouldn't work

Вопрос № 4 из 9
He told me he ... to France.
never was
had never been
will never be
would never be

Вопрос № 5 из 9
He said that he ... to Oxford University in the 90s.
had been
will be
has been
was gone

Вопрос № 6 из 9
She said she ... help me because she had too much to do.
will be able
is to

Вопрос № 7 из 9
I thought the play ... intresting and decided to go to the theatre.
had been
would be

Вопрос № 8 из 9
Katarina said she ... to Brussels soon.
was going
will go

Вопрос № 9 из 9
He said that he ... to the theatre the day before.
had gone
has gone
would go
was going

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