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Тест на тему Лексика. Тест 3

Вопрос № 1 из 8
Would you mind opening the window?
Here you are?
Not at all.
I mind.
I would.

Вопрос № 2 из 8
Not at all. It's very stuffy here.
Will you open the window?
Would you mind closing the window?
Would you mind opening the window?
Would you help me to open the window?

Вопрос № 3 из 8
Certainly, madam. I'll bring it.
Could I help you?
Could you help me?
Could I have the bill, please?
Could I speak to Tom, please?

Вопрос № 4 из 8
Hello. Could I speak to Olia, please?
Is Olia speaking?
I am listening to you.
Olia here.

Вопрос № 5 из 8
Can I speak to Jilia, please?
I'm afraid She's not in.
Out she is.
No, please.
I'm sorry to hear that.

Вопрос № 6 из 8
I'm so nervouse about the interview.
No nerves, please.
Keep yourself.
Without nerves.
Just keep calm!

Вопрос № 7 из 8
Fine, thank you. And you?
Hello. How are you?
Pardon? What did you say?
How long does it take you?
What's the matter?

Вопрос № 8 из 8
Fifth, pleas.
What form do you study at?
What floor would you like?
When were you born?
How much does it cost?

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