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Тест на тему Лексика. Тест 2

Вопрос № 1 из 10
I'm getting married next month.
I congratulate
Best luck
My best regards

Вопрос № 2 из 10
Bye, Mom! I'm off to school now.
Why are you off?
I'm afraid school is off
Nice meeting you
Have a nice day!

Вопрос № 3 из 10
Sorry I'm late.
Bye then.
See you tomorrow.
Nice to see you.
Never mind.

Вопрос № 4 из 10
How long does it take you to do your homework?
It takes me two weeks.
Two hours, as a rule.
No. I have no idea.
For ages.

Вопрос № 5 из 10
What do you think of Ann?
She's lovely.
I've got a better idea.
She'll be fine.
I like it.

Вопрос № 6 из 10
It was really exciting.
It is exciting, isn't it?
Isn't it exciting?
What was the show like?
What was the weather like?

Вопрос № 7 из 10
I'm afraid Jane isn't in the office.
Take it easy.
That's kind of you.
Don't worry. I'll Phone later.
Take care of yourself.

Вопрос № 8 из 10
Could you give us a customs form, please?
Pleas forgive me.
I don't have any.
I'm not sure you are right.
You wouldn't worry.

Вопрос № 9 из 10
I must apologize for it.
It doesn't matter.
No matters.
No problems.
I'm really sorry.

Вопрос № 10 из 10
Single or return?
Hello. I'd like a ticket to Paris.
I'd like a cup of black coffee.
I'd like to book a room for a week.
I'd like to rent a car.

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