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Тест на тему Тест №6

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There was ... at the Victoria Hall we could have gone to.
wonderful concert
a wonderful concert
the wonderful concert
wonderful concerts

Вопрос № 2 из 10
This is ... Im sure.
safest way out
a safest way out
the safest way out
safest ways out

Вопрос № 3 из 10
Which is ... to the post-office?
right way
a right way
the right way
right ways

Вопрос № 4 из 10
You are ... I want to talk to.
very man
a very man
the very man
very men

Вопрос № 5 из 10
Have you read ...?
Chapter Ten
a Chapter Ten
the Chapter Ten
the Chapters Ten

Вопрос № 6 из 10
Open the book at ..., please.
page twenty-five
a page twenty-five
the page twenty-five
the pages twenty-five

Вопрос № 7 из 10
I know ... had nothing to do with it
Forster family
a Forster family
the Forster family
Forsters family

Вопрос № 8 из 10
His first novel was favourably received by ...
a press
the press
some press

Вопрос № 9 из 10
Fortune favours ... .
a brave
the brave

Вопрос № 10 из 10
... are musical people as a rule.
An Italian
The Italian
The Italians

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